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Is God Love?

If you are unaware, I run the website where people can share their stories regarding being gay and Catholic. A person is free to share a number of things, from any struggles they may (or have) faced in their lives to joys of living their lives to the fullest. Lately though …

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WOW, it’s 2015

Wow, it’s 2015. What an exciting and busy year 2014 had been. In 2014 my business had become large enough to support myself on just that. I was able to quit my job working at the hotel. I am very happy and feel extremely blessed to have grown my business to this …

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Thank you Pope Benedict XVI

I just want to thank Pope Benedict XVI for his service as the leader of the Catholic Church. I am praying that the next Pope is able to lead the Catholic Church in such a way that people start to turn back to the Church and more importantly back to God. I …

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My 2013 Plans

With the end of 2012, I am taking some time to reflect on the last year and where I want to head over the next year. I do consider this last year to have been a semi-good year for me. Business is going well and things are looking like they will continue …

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Pope Blesses Uganda’s Rebecca “Kill The Gays” Kadaga

Recently a friend send me a link to a story titled ‘Pope Blesses Uganda’s Rebecca “Kill The Gays” Kadaga’ from a blog called Joe. My. God. (this story can be found here). In short, the author writes about a recent blessing of Rebecca Kadaga by Pope Benedict XVI. Rebecca Kadaga is the …

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Upset with

Today when I tried to log into my account at, I was welcomed with this message: Your account has been locked for the following reason: Solicitation This change will be lifted: Never Yes, my account was shut down for good because they claimed I was soliciting. The last post that I …

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What I have been up too

Well, it’s been just about a year since I wrote any blog postings. Wow how time has flown. Things have been going well for me. I have been doing a great deal of work on the house, I have quit a job and now only am working 2 (hotel and web designer) …

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Wining a bit

Lately I have just been feeling lost, unsure of the direction I need to take in my life. At least that is the way it feels. Reality is I know what changes I need to make. I know that the path I am on isn’t the right one. I know as DMX …

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Struggling to Find the Motivation to Blog

I am sitting here struggling with what I should write about. It has been so long since the last time that I wrote anything for this blog. So often I have wanted to write something, but for one reason or another, I failed to do so.  I think part of the reason …

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Lost of a Legend

As I sit here trying to put my feelings into words, I still am in disbelief that a friend I have known since fifth grade passed away last night. This entire day I have found it hard to believe, all day at work I kept looking at my phone, waiting for a …

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