My name is Joe and I live in Michigan. I am in my early thirties. I am a gay Catholic. I am a brother and a son. I am a friend. I am quiet and very shy. I have made many mistakes in my past and I am a sinner. I am a caring and loving person. I easily forgive. I watch professional wrestling most Monday nights. I love pizza and eat it several times a week. I believe I have a long stay ahead of me in Purgatory. I graduated from Ferris State University with honors. I received a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. I do not like heights. I believe strongly in God. I am not very good at expressing my emotions.  My favorite color is blue. Some of the people I cared most for in this world have already found their ways to Heaven. I found the courage and ability to talk about losing my sister by listening to gangsta rap produced by No Limit. I am a faithful person. I have a good heart even though I do not allows follow it.

I have never read the entire Bible. I want to be able to leave this world knowing that I made at least a small positive change to it. I am a fan of music. I do not go to church very often. My favorite movie is V for Vendetta. I was the kid others made fun of because I had a speech problem. I speak pretty clear now though. I have a pet fish. I try not to judge others, but sometimes I do. I swear at times. I enjoy comic books. My favorite comic book heroes are Nightwing and Captain America. I believe St. Joseph looks out for me. This is just part of who I am. You can see that I am not a perfect person nor will I ever claim to be. I don’t claim to know all of the answers to life. I am just an individual whom is a gay Catholic trying to do the best one can do and hoping that in the end, I make it to Heaven and leave this world a little better off then when I arrived.

I created this site for several reasons. First is to express my journey in finding out how to live my life as a gay Catholic. I am hoping that someone reading this journal of my life can learn something from what I discover or from the mistakes I have made. Also for those whom are searching for the right way to live as a gay Catholic, they can see they are not alone in this journey.  Another reason is much more personal, but not related to being a gay Catholic. Will, maybe it is as well. I am horrible at expressing myself to others. My anxiety level goes sky high when I have to do this, especially if it’s a person I’m not totally comfortable around. I read somewhere that psychologists have told people dealing with depression that blogging may help them deal with their depression.  Seeing I’m a person that suppresses my feeling, I am looking at this as a safer way to deal with learning how to share my feeling and thoughts with others.