Quick update

Hey. Hope everyone that has been coming to my blog is doing well and are experience the grace of God.

Things have been going alright with me. Still trying to get caught up on all the work I have to do. Now that it is getting close to being spring (I know it’s the middle of April, but here it’s still cold) and I am planning on what I need to do this year to the yard and what home improvement projects to complete.

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  1. Jack says:

    Thanks for your website and for the many thoughtful responses that have been posted. I am a gay man who has recently desired to attend Mass again and have been experimenting with various Catholic churches in my area. At first I questioned my efforts as to why I would want to be a part of a church that has such a history of dogmatic “opression”; however the disire outweighs rationality. I only know that I have participated over the past 3 decades with various other religions and, although they were helpful at the time, I don’t think I ever really felt an authentic connection with them.

    It has been through many years of soul searching, self reflecting and reconnecting with the God of my understanding that I can (inspite of my doubts) approach my once loved Catholic tradition with a new understanding…primarily of myself. I don’t come to the church expecting answers; rather I bring what I have to give which is my own experience, courage and faith – and I don’t have to check my brain at the door before entering. Only then can I truly share that with others.

    Today I attended Mass and felt a true connection during the Eucharist with the other parishioners, which (and I only speak for myself) is the true meaning of the Eucharistic celebration – to remind us of who we are – our Oneness with one another and with God.

    I know there has been much talk about gay marriage and the church. I will just add my two cents by saying that to me, the issue of same sex marriage is a “civil rights” issue. While each of us are entitled to our own interpretations and views on the topic, and while honest questions regarding how the subject of gay marriage relates to our religion are one thing, I would just caution us not to confuse the issue and use religion (ours or others) to distract us from the main issue: human rights. Questions of individual religious beliefs about same sex marriage are not the issue; human rights is. Each of us is free to believe as he or she feels. For me the question always remains, “Regardless how I may feel about a certain group of people, do I really believe they have the same rights as I do? And am I willing to uphold those rights?”” There in lies the rub, and it takes courage to ask myself that question. But I can honestly say that today, while there are groups of people whom for various reasons I don’t understand, I know I could never in good consciousness deprive them of any rights I would want for myself. As Jesus said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    Peace and blessings.


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