Lost of a Legend

As I sit here trying to put my feelings into words, I still am in disbelief that a friend I have known since fifth grade passed away last night. This entire day I have found it hard to believe, all day at work I kept looking at my phone, waiting for a text or a call saying it was some type of cruel joke, there was a mix-up or something other than the truth that my friend had died. Joe, a.k.a. Big Joe, and I had been friends for a long time, even though in recent years we had had our difference and didn’t hang out. Every time we would see each other, we would talk and even discussed going out for lunch or something too caught up.

Joe leaves behind two young children, his parents and his ex-wife. His ex-wife, Chris, has been living with me for the last four months. I know this may sound selfish, but I am certain that I may end up with the kids living with me for a bit. I really don’t have the room or the money to support them. I do feel terrible for having these thoughts, because I know that things are much more difficult for Chris, the kids and his parents. Joe was an only child and truly was his mom’s best friend. They did a great deal together. I truly feel for her. I feel for his kids that won’t have him in their life as they grow older.

Right now I am even more lost then I was last week. Hopefully God does his thing and helps Joe’s parents, kids and loved one’s get thought this. I have found myself praying more then I was a few weeks ago and I am hoping that will help me with getting back on the right track with God. If you read this though, please pray that Joe has been received into Heaven and that his family is looked after.

I am going to leave this posting with a song by Master P. This song was the first song I heard by Master P and the No Limit Soldiers. Honestly, it was listening to music by Master P and other’s on his record label that helped me to start expressing my feeling about losing my sister. So with that being said, Joe, I will allows miss you and you truly were one of the greatest people I have known. Thank you for so many memories.

This one is for you Joe!

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2 Responses to Lost of a Legend

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Joe Know that I’m praying for you, and praying for your friend and his familly! my deepest sympathy.
    All Love in Christ,

  2. Charles E. Higgins says:

    I was a Catholic until I read my Bible which is something my Marionist brother clergy did not encourage. Then I became a born in the wool Protestant. If you read that ancient text you will find that certain persons are excluded from the kingdom. But God in his grace can transform these people so their lives will please him instead of continuing in the sins they are in. I speak as a registered Sex Offender who experienced this transformation first hand. I wish all the persons who visit this web site well as I am in no position to judge my fellow man only to tell them what the good book says.

    Suicide is NOT an unforgivable sin. It is a result of mental conditions that can be solved if treated before the person despairs and ends it. So if you feel like killing yourself GET HELP.

    One who has been there.

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