What I have been up too

Well, it’s been just about a year since I wrote any blog postings. Wow how time has flown. Things have been going well for me. I have been doing a great deal of work on the house, I have quit a job and now only am working 2 (hotel and web designer) and have been trying to find some time to relax a bit.

I have decided to take a break from Courage. My reasoning for this is when I attend, I don’t really say much. I also have some issue with the 12 step approach. What I was looking for was to find friends I could relate too, but even though the guys that attend are nice, it’s difficult to build good friendships when they live about an hour away.  I may go back at some point next year, but I am going to take the rest of this year off.

In the last month I have been working hard on launching a few new websites. I currently own around 30 domain names and would like to have live websites on a few more of the domain names by the end of the year.  In addition to having these additional websites up and running, I am deciding what I will do with Only  A Part, the only gay Catholic social networking website. Right now it is not functioning correctly and I am considering just starting over with it.  I hope to make a decision on this in the next few weeks, so stay tune.

The websites I have been working on are:

Catholic Website Design – My hope with Catholic Website Design is to be able to provide high quality web design to Catholic businesses, Catholic Churches and Catholic organizations.  I want to be able to provide these businesses, churches and organizations with services that do not put their faith in the backseat.

Top Web Hosting – Providing information regarding the varies types of website hosting offered by hosting companies.

Promoting Your Blog – Promoting Your Blog the easy way. Use this simple tool to contact advance SEO tactics yourself and great results.

Ok, I know that listing these websites may seem like spam, but I am trying to build each one up and having links to these sites on here will help me do just. I will try to not spam this website too much with my projects.

I do hope all is well with everyone that stops by the blog on a regular bases. I will try to update this blog on  a more regular bases.

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  1. Cristian says:


    You are back on track, bro!

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