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Pope Benedict and Condoms

With Pope Benedict’s new book being released, there has been some people that feel that a few things Pope Benedict stated are controversial, none more than his mention that in some cases the use of condoms may be a “first assumption of responsibility, on the way to recovering an awareness that not …

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Forgiveness and Why We Must Forgive

“Forgiveness is above all a personal choice, a decision of the heart to go against the natural instinct to pay back evil with evil.” Pope John Paul II I have writing about this topic in the past on the posting entitled “Why Must the Good Die Young?”. But I do feel it …

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Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II

I found this picture on another website, and thought it was just a great picture. I wanted to share it on my blog. The blog I found it on is Father Forgive Us. I don’t think 2 greater people have lived in my life time as these two individuals.

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Love Without Sex

I decided to visit gay.com recently and on their homepage in the newsflash section was a picture of Pope Benedict XVI. I click on it and the article the link led me to was titled “The Pope, Condoms & HIV/AIDS: the Need for Some Positive, Helpful Ideas” by Joe Moag. The article …

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