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I decided to visit recently and on their homepage in the newsflash section was a picture of Pope Benedict XVI. I click on it and the article the link led me to was titled “The Pope, Condoms & HIV/AIDS: the Need for Some Positive, Helpful Ideas” by Joe Moag. The article was written about something Pope Benedict XVI recently said about condom usage and HIV/AIDS, which was:
“You can’t resolve it [HIV/AIDS infection] with the distribution of condoms,” the pope told reporters aboard the Alitalia plane heading to Yaounde.” On the contrary, it increases the problem. ”

Joe Moag wrote the article to express his thought of what the Pope said and did something I thought was interesting and important. He asked the readers of this article to come up with new ideas on ways to change the Pope’s thoughts on condom usage and if there is anything positive that can come out of the Pope’s statement. The article readers’ comments were very interesting. Some were against the Pope and the Church. Other completed agreed with what the Pope said. The thing that struck me the most was seeing how many different opinions there were on what the Church’s viewpoint on homosexuality is.

After reading a good portion of these comments, I thought this may be a good time for me to express my thoughts and believes on how the Catholic Church views homosexuality. I am not an expert on this subject; this is just what I feel the Church teaches. I know the Catholic Church believes people are born gay. It is not a choice for many. I know the Catholic Church teaches that two individuals of the same gender should not engage in any type of sexual acts together. Intercourse is meant for a man and a woman who are married to have in the missionary mission in order to produce offspring. I know the Church believes two individuals even of the same sex can have an intimate relationship without engaging in sexual acts. The sin individuals whom are gay need not to void comment is engaging in sexual acts with another individual of the same gender because no offspring can be produced.

After Pope John Paul II passed, I remember seeing a documentary on CNN or one of the other cable news channel on him. In this documentary they were telling a story of how Pope John Paul II met this nun when he was a young priest in Poland. Pope John Paul II and this nun had a very close relationship. I don’t remember many details about it, but nothing sexual happened between them. I do feel this is the type of relationship the Church has kind of expressed would be fine to have for two individuals whom are gay. A very close relationship that is based on love, similar interests, but not engaging in sex. And yes, you can have a close relationship without having sex. It isn’t a very easy thing to have. It isn’t something that would be considered “normal” in society view. But if we look at this close relationship between Pope John Paul II and this nun, one can see that love is possible anywhere and love is the most important part of any close relationship.

For those who don’t believe you can be in a close relationship without sex, ask yourself if you would stay in a relationship you are in if your partner is no longer able to have sex for whatever reason, will you leave your partner? Look at the elderly who no longer are able to have sex because parts of them just doesn’t function the same as they used too. Do these elderly couples that have been together for 40+ years end their relationship because one of them can no longer have sex? I believe these couples stay together for such a long period because their relationship is based on love, not sex.

Being a gay isn’t easy. Being Catholic isn’t easy either. Combining the two makes life even harder. Not many people want to go through life alone. Living your life the way the Church teaches as a gay Catholic is extremely difficult to find the balance of how the Church teaches one should have a loving relationship and the way society expects how a loving relationship should be.

As Joe Moag did in his article, I would like to ask a question to end this blog posting. How many of you believe you could have a close relationship similar to what a married couple (man and woman) have without having in sex? Is it possible to do? I don’t really know the answer but it is something I am trying to discover. Please share your thoughts below as a comment.

I do want to thank you for reading this blog posting. I did try to find an article online that I could reference about the close relationship between Pope John Paul II and the nun I saw on that documentary, but was unsuccessful. If anyone knows of a place I could find this, please let me know so I can share it with others.

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