I got my birthday wish

I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on with me. I got that birthday wish that I wrote about in my last posting. I have been extremely busy with developing the website that I was so hoping to get the offer to design. This website was my first major website and I’m extremely excited that I won the offer to develop it. The site was much larger than I first figure and I do now think I under bid, but I’m not upset about that. You have to start somewhere and I fell that this website I built will let to many more companies that wish for me to design website for them. The gentlemen I designed this site for gave me names and numbers for 2 different he talked to whom said they wish to have their website redesigned by me! I am just hoping and praying that this will be the start of my web design business.

I am hoping that within the next week to write a new blog entry. I am debating on several different topics, but the one that seems to winning is discussing my thoughts on the popular saying, “Good things happen to good people”.

I also would like to thank anyone that has taken the time to email me. I am not the fastest at getting back to people, but will do my best to get back to you within a week. I know that may seem like a long time, but some weeks I just work way too much and just don’t have the time to respond to an email like I would like too. I would also like to encourage you to leave comments on this site so others people can see that we all aren’t as different as we think we are (or at least I have thought I was).

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