A birthday wish

Today is my birthday.

The weeks leading up to this day is allows filled with the same question year after year from friends and family members. What do I want this year as a present for my birthday? Most years I tell them the same thing. I do not really need anything. Usually this leads to them getting a little upset with me for not giving them any ideas. Honestly, I don’t think it would really bother me now if I did not receive a single gift from anyone for my birthday other than just being able to spend time with my friends and family. Maybe it is because as I grow older, but it just seems like the things I valued have been changing. Muhammad Ali said  “The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.”  I am nowhere near being fifty, but I do think the things I value in life have and will continue to change. Life is too short to be wasting even one year of one’s life.

However, this year I would like to wish for something. This is more of a wish that I think only God can fulfill. I will be calling this gentleman about designing a website for his business today. I would really like to get this design job. The reason I want to get this design job is not for the money, even though I could use it. The reason I want this so badly is that the site would be a challenge for me to create. If I am capable of designing this website, it would be a huge boost in myself confidence.

I talked to this gentleman on Friday (July 24th) and he explained to me what he was looking for. For the rest of that day and the following day, I was racking my brain on how I would be able to do what he wanted me design for him. I also had doubts about my ability to do this. Is this something over my head? Am I ready for such a project? My self-doubts just kept coming and coming.

Sunday morning (July 26th) I woke up at 7 am for some crazy reason. All of a sudden it came to me on how I could do this web design project. It would have to be a combination of the program I wrote for work as well as a project I had to do to graduate from Ferris State University.

Therefore, this year, I am asking God to grant me this one wish; to receive the green light from this gentleman to design a website for his business. I think hearing him say I got the job would be the best birthday present I have received in a very long time.  I believe it would be such a huge boost to my self-confidence, which if you have read some of my previous posting you would know it is not as high as it should be. I do feel that once my confidence is at the level it should be, I can do greater things for this world than I am doing now.

The question to end this posting is this: What have you done in the past to increase your confidence?  Let others and myself know what you have done to boost your confidence level in hopes that it will help one person see a raise in theirs.

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