Febuary Update

Wow, I just checked my blog and seen that it has been about a month since the last time I posted anything. That is way to long to not post an entry. Sorry for such a long interval between postings, I will do my best not to let it happen again.

Anyways, things have been going alright with me. I wrote about how I was attending an anxiety and depression support group in my last posting. Well, since then, the group is no longer. The powers to be decided that having just one person in the group wasn’t enough. So until they find a few more people to attend this group, there will not be one. On a brighter note, the lady that was running the group said I could see her on an individual bases. Right now I have things set up with her to see her every other week, but I may change that just once a month. We will see how things go and what issues we decided to work on.

Another thing I have done recently is delete my accounts on many of the gay websites I had profiles on. I will admit that I still have one or two profiles still open, but they are on websites that I maybe go to once every couple months or have completely stopped going too all together. The reason I did this was it seem like these websites were focused on sex, not friendship. I was not looking for sex on these websites, but having sexual images and asking me to hook up was affecting me in a way I wasn’t comfortable. So I figured the best way to deal with the situation was to just delete these accounts. So far things have been well in this department. There are days that I feel a need to connect to other gays and at times I feel a desire to reopen up an account on one of these websites, but so far I haven’t fallen into this trap.

Besides just saying off those websites, I have been making an effort to spend more time off line. I was sending way too much time online and wasn’t being as productive as I could have been. I have been trying to spend about 30 minutes working out (I’m up to 65 pushups, 225 sit-ups, a 70 squats) and roughly 30 minutes praying. Some days these things are a challenge for me to accomplish. I think the reason is just having to mustard up enough positive energy to start either of them. Once I have started, I seem to be able to accomplish my work out or prayer routine.

I would just like to take a little time to talk about my prayer routine because I feel it is something very important. The reason I feel this is because about a month ago I struggling with a few things. I was sitting in at my computer and it was late at night. I should have been in bed sleeping because I had to work the next day, but I wasn’t. I was sitting there trying to figure a few things out. All of a sudden I felt this very overwhelming presence near me. I voice said “pray the rosary”. Within a few minutes I was on my knees praying the rosary. Since then I think I have only missed 2 nights of praying the rosary.

Besides praying the rosary, I have been praying to St. Joseph (using the Novena to St. Joseph prayer), I pray for my guardian angel and for all the souls in purgatory. I have been having a strong feeling I need to do something for the souls in purgatory lately. For some reason I have had a strong feeling that I needed to pray for the souls there for about the last 6 years. Lately it seems to be stronger. I’m not really sure if this is a call for me to do something; either create a website similar to The Great Prayer Project – End Abortion or to join another group like Purgatory Oblation Warriors. Right now I’m just not sure of the direction I am suppose to go with this, so I will continue praying for understanding as well as for the souls that are in purgatory.

Well, I think that is a good update and what is going on with my life. I am working on another website. The owner of this website bid on a package deal I was offering for two charities that deal with organ donation. I was just glad to see someone purchased my website package and hopefully I can do a great job on this website and maybe I can get some referred customers from her.

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