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Hey, sorry I haven’t updated this blog in some time. I am working on a new look for the site, which with any luck will be unveiled within the next 5 days. I am making several important changes, including adding pictures of myself to the blog. I hope that adding these pictures will help to make my blog a more personal place, allowing any reader that visits this site to put a face to the words they are reading.

Other than working on an updated look for this site, I have been busy still working on the new house and working all 3 of my jobs. The website business is going strong still, primary due to working with some charitable organizations. I have been offering deep discounts to these groups in hopes of helping them out as well as hopefully attracting new web design projects.

I have recently launched, Gay Website Design. The focus of Gay Website Design is to help develop websites for gay-owned small businesses. I plan on explaining in an upcoming post on why I decided to go this route as well as my plans for the direction I plan on taking my business and my life.

For those that have send me messages and left comments on this blog that I have failed to respond to, please know that I have read each and every one of them. I am working on catching up on responding to all the emails I have received by the end of the month.

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  1. Michael says:

    if it makes u feel better i haven’t updated my blog in forever -.-

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