Epic Hard Drive Failure

On Monday I came home from work and found that my computer was not working. I was able to wake it up from hibernation, move the pointer of the mouse around the screen, but I was unable to do anything else. I decided at that point to restart my computer by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. My computer turned off and when I pressed the power button to turn my computer back on, it started up, when through its beginning procedures, but did not go any further than that. After about a minute, I received an error message that nobody wants to see, the dreaded hard drive not found message. I attempted several methods to access my hard drive, but to no avail, my hard drive was declared died about an hour after I got home.

Because I use this computer for a lot of what I do for my business, I did have an external hard drive connected to it and had it backing up the hard drive once a week, so the about of data I lost was very minimal. The only thing I was unable to recover was all the emails I had received over the last year or so. That included many emails that I received from individuals that have stopped by this blog and took the time to write to me. So with their stories, some looking for support, others sharing their ideas for resources I could add to this website to help out others. All of these are gone.

I would just like to ask that if you have sent me an email in the last few months and wish to have me respond to it or add a resource to this website, please contact me again. I am truly sorry I lost all those emails, there definitely some very good resources and great conversations I was having with individuals. So please if you had emailed me within the last few months with any of these things, please contact me again.
On a side note, I have decided to refocus my attentions for the website that I run. I did an inventory earlier this month and found that I own 14 domain names and websites that I want to develop Some are related to each other, such as this one, Gay Catholic which I want to show case stories from gay Catholics in hopes that it helps someone find the answers they are looking for and Only A Part, which is a gay Catholic social networking websites. Others are not at all related to each other. Because I do feel that each one of these are important to build and market, I have decided to focus just on 1 website a month. This will allow me to work just on one task, providing more of my time and resource to this 1 website each month. I am hoping that this will help to reduce some of the stress in my life, trying to manage 14 of my own websites, numerous client websites, working 3 jobs and trying to get my new house in order is just too much for me.

I have scheduled this website to be updated and focused on in March. Until then I don’t know if I will post many blog postings. Please bear with me will I attempt to build my business, which will hopefully result in not having to work the 2 low paying jobs that I currently have. This would allow me to spend more time on blogging, working on developing other websites that are geared towards assistance others and find time to volunteer more in my community.

I also have been working with a Catholic Church in Kosovo. We are putting the finishing touches on their website, Apostolic Catholic Balkan. I do feel honor that I have been able to work with this Church and Father Anton in assisting in his mission of establishing improved human rights in Kosovo and the Balkan reign.

In addition to working with the Apostolic Catholic Balkan ran by Father Anton, I have been working with a group in Kentucky to get some laws changed there. I am hoping to have the opportunity to work in the near further with a group from Kansas trying to do the same thing. I am also hoping to have the opportunity to work with this local lady that is working on developing an organization that helps those who are in prison or recently released. In addition to that, I am hopefully that within the next two months I will have work on The Least of These, which will focus on ministering to Gay Catholic Prisoners. I have some material started and am looking forward to completing this project.

So as you can see I will be very busy the next few months with these projects and whatever else I can do to help out others. If you know of a charity that is working to assist others and they are in need of a website, please have them contact me. I am offering a deal where they can pay me next to nothing to design and host a website for them. This is part of my plan for this year to give more back to the world than I have ever giving in the past.

On another note, a friend of mine will be moving in with me in a few days. She lived with me when I had my apartment for about two months. She moved to England because she met a guy and now needs to come back to the USA because her visa will expire. I am looking forward to seeing her, but I am also a person that likes to have my space and this will be a challenge for that. However, I know that having her come stay with me is the right thing to do and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

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