Upset with

Today when I tried to log into my account at, I was welcomed with this message:

Your account has been locked for the following reason:

This change will be lifted: Never

Yes, my account was shut down for good because they claimed I was soliciting. The last post that I posted on their website was on a thread where a lady  was asking where she could host her website. She was looking to host her website with someone that was Catholic. I posted on this thread that I offered this service and BAM, my account was shut down for good.

To me, if this action was wrong, they should have sent me a warning email and remove the posting. They also could have suspended my account until I contacted them to find out what the issue was and resolved the issue. I just feel they could have done something other then just kill my account without a way to reactive it or to fix the mistake I made by violating their solicitation policy (even though responding to a question is something I do not consider to be soliciting, I see it as just answering a question).

I did write an email to them expressing my disappointment for having my account deactivated. I express that I was sorry for making a mistake on their website for responding to a thread posting with a service that I provide. I also stated that I do not want them to reactive my account. I do not want to be a part of a website that believes in absolute power, just deactivating an account without giving a person a chance to fix a mistake they made. To me this action is not something a Christian or Catholic would do. A website or forum that claims to focus on being Catholic should understand that people make mistakes, we all do not have time to read over every websites “Terms of use” policies and should be giving a second change to fix a mistake we have make.

I will not be going back to again. I would rather spend my time and seek advice on another website that understands that we are human and are willing to give people a second chance, a website willing to help its members grow and explain to them if something is not accept on their website.

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  1. Mary says:

    Websites have done that to me before… this one clearly follows a pattern from the host website. I wish you the best of luck finding a replacement site, and I love your blog.

  2. James says:

    Catholic Answers wasn’t very gay-friendly in 2008, when I was banned (for reasons having nothing to do with being gay, BTW). The mods – in my experience – are not very flexible; but that I think can be put down to the sort of Catholicism the site propagates, which is (or was) “EWTN Catholicism” – not terribly sympathetic to either the sort of Catholicism represented by the National Catholic Reporter, or to that associated with the SSPX. At least when I was banned, there was no way of challenging the mods’ decisions – which was not very satisfactory. It’s a pity if nothing has changed, but perhapos inevitable, given the popularity of the site. Maybe a lot more mods are needed.

    Catholic Answers is not the sort of place to go if one is a gay Catholic trying to find one’s place in the Church. Maybe that’s not something with which a website can help. Face-to-face pastoral counselling is probably a better way of helping with that.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Joe,

    I feel your pain. By the way, I’ve received an e-mail from Catholic Answers 2 weeks ago, they were soliciting me due to them being $300,000 in debt. Well, I told them that I’m poor and I can’t give money.

    And I will never give money to a website who support gay bashing around the world, this is so wrong. When there’s “Catholics” who encourage others to hate on others, it’s a self-righteous mentality.

    Maybe they will run out of business, and another one who should shut his mouth is Donahue, the so-called President of the Catholic League (he has been President of that League for 20 years), and he has been bashing gays for years.

    I’m glad that Pope Francis is speaking up and told these social avengers to shut up. What the Pope is doing right now, is exposing these people for who they are, and at the same time, the Pope is showing Catholics that we should love one another and forgive.
    Pope Francis is also encouraging men of good will to speak up to stop wrongdoing.

  4. signum says:

    I’m myself not gay but to share my experience with the official forum website of

    It is an American based company that runs the websites including

    The members system seems to work for starters, against new members by insulting them to the extend, when new members try to defend they get banned for a couple of weeks and mostly OPs get deleted. To keep that in mind before joining this website.

    Secondly, moderators have mostly no or little knowledge of the Catholic Church or clergy.
    Including (unproven clergy members).

    As one more to give the icing on the cake, the subjects by registered “Catholic” members show their ignorance and intellect of a cockroach. They are so untalented to read and reply appropriately, instead they win insulting others but the defender gets banned.

    Here are some to watch out before you engage into a circular argument:

    Thomas Casey
    Therese Martin
    Michelle Arnold
    Michael Francis – he has a Japanese avatar – this is heresy

    complete listing of moderators at CAF

    Read CAF narrow-minded guilty trip here:

    CAF more rules:


    In short – it’s a no-brainer – don’t become a member there.
    There are good Catholic forums out there – Google is your friend.

    May God bless you all.

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