My 2013 Plans

With the end of 2012, I am taking some time to reflect on the last year and where I want to head over the next year. I do consider this last year to have been a semi-good year for me. Business is going well and things are looking like they will continue that way into the new year. Attending Mass has been down this year for me, but it is something I plan on working on in the new year.

Typically I’m not the type to make new year resolutions because honestly, I have tried in the past and I seem to stick with them for a week or two and then I’m done with it. So instead of making resolutions, I am just going to share some things that I want to accomplish this upcoming year.

In the last few years I have worked on increasing my confidence, which I think I have made great progress. I do want to continue in growing my confidence and working on meeting new people. I am considering find a group to join, something like the young adult groups that many Dioceses offer. I know of one that is in a city east of where I live, but that is a 45 minutes drive and would like to focus on meeting new people in the area I live.

I have decided to focus this year on giving back to others, which I am calling the “Year of Giving”. To achieve this goal, I want to do some volunteer work this year, donate monthly food to the local food pantry, and design 6 websites for free for Catholic churches and/or non profit organization. (Visit Free Web Design for Non Profit / Catholic church for more information).

As for attending Mass, I am planning on attending Mass 3 times a month. I know this doesn’t sound like as often as one should go to Mass, but this past few months I haven’t been attending a great deal. Setting a goal like 3 times a month sounds like something I can do and I once I get back into a routine, it will make it easier to start attending Mass on a more regular bases.

I do hope your New Year is blessed and that you make this year the best year yet!

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