Update on Lent Plan

I want to provide you with an update to how I did during Lent. As we know, Lent officially ended at the end of the day yesterday (Holy Thursday). Even though Lent is officially over for this season, I do go all the way to Easter with my commitment to this. This just has been the way my family has always done it and personally I think it is just easier to remember that it ends on Easter.

I would have to rate my actions during Lent as a B. I do feel that I completed majority of the things I listed in my blog posting My Plan During Lent. There were a few things that I did fail to do, but over all I would say I did better than average this year during Lent.

I was successful with my fasting plan. I did give up eating between meals and am proud to announce that I did not eat a single snack between meals. Some days this was very difficult, especially when lunch at work was not worth eating. There were some times when others asked if I wanted something they had (like a piece of candy) and I did have to tell them no thanks. It’s strange to see how people feel you are being rude when you don’t take something they are offering. This portion I would give myself an A.

I did not get all the way though “The Little Black Book”. I think right now I am up to March 25, so I am a few days behind. I am planning on finishing reading this book by the end of the day of Easter. I have found some very interesting topics in this book and I am planning on expressing my opinions on a few of them in the near future. This portion I would give myself a C.

My charitable work has been fair during this Lent session. Part of the reason that I was not able to spend more time doing charitable work was the fact that I have been working on developing two new websites for clients. The time it takes to do this and the time I am required to be at work (1 full time and 1 part time) takes up most of my time. I have managed to visit SocialVibe every day and have been able to collect points that will be used to donate clean water to individuals in Africa. I was unable to find the time to visit Free Rice or Free Flour websites to help raise rice or flour for those in need around the world. I would give myself a C for this portion.

During Lent, on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord, The Great Prayer Project – End Abortion began. Even though this was not part of my Lent plan that I posted on here, I have been very active in working on promoting it. We were able to fill the first 2 days of the project with continuous prayer. The days following, we haven’t had as much success, but we have at least had 15 people every day sign up for a time slot. I personally am proud of my involvement with The Great Prayer Project. If you have not done so, please sign up for a 20 minute time slot and join us in praying in one voice, in one prayer, for an end to abortion. I would give myself an A for the effort I have put into this so far.

I also would like to mention that I have been to Church just about every weekend during Lent. I think I may have missed 1 weekend due to the fact that I was out of town. This is very good for me as well, especially seeing that at one of my jobs I have to work every other weekend. That doesn’t make it easy for me to always attend Mass. I would give myself an A- for attending Church during lent.

On a side note, I have decided that I am going to start submitting articles that I write to some online magazines. Usually when I write a blog posting, I do not go back and read it over (even though I know I should), so if you have noticed grammar errors in my posting, sorry about that. I will be proof reading these articles prior to submitting them for publication. Look for news on this website where you will be able to find the articles I write.

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