Ten Things to Accomplish By Years End

I have decided that what I really need in my life right now is a game plan. I need to start figuring out what I want in life and how I am going to get there. One way I figure I can come up with a game plan for my life is to decide on ten short term goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the year. Here are the ten that I have decided are the ones I want to meet by the end of 2010. They are in no particular order.

  • Figure out how I can just work one job.
  • Build seven new websites for clients.
  • Make 1 new friend.
  • Do more volunteer work then I currently do for charity organizations.
  • Go to a Chicago Fire Game (Hopefully against the Kansas City Wizards)
  • Focus on learning PHP and WordPress.
  • Read the book I have about Parde Pio.
  • Increase my self-esteem.
  • Build a website that makes $20 a day.
  • Find a new hobby.

Some of these items may seem a little different, like making 1 new friend. The truth is I seem to have a difficult time making new friends do to the fact that I am such a quiet person. The reason I set the number of website I want to build for clients to seven is because I have already built three this year. My goal is ten websites for the year, so I just subtracted the three I have already build.

I have decided to just focus on learning PHP and WordPress. There for a while I was trying to learn how to use several CMS programs (WordPress being one of them) and several programming languages (PHP one of those) and I just really wasn’t getting anywhere. I was all over the place. I have decided to pick these two because I felt that these two would benefit my business more than any other CMS program or language.

The reason I want to learn more about Parde Pio is when I was surfing the Internet looking at websites related to Purgatory, I saw quotes on these websites by Parde Poi often. For some reason, I feel there is some type of connection between myself and the souls in Purgatory. I pray for them often and a few months ago, I started to dedicate the good deeds I do to the souls in Purgatory in hopes that it will help allow a few souls to be able to enter Heaven. I have a book on Parde Poi that I received a while ago, so I figure it would be a good start on learning more about him and maybe understand better the connection he has with the souls in Purgatory.

I will do my best to keep all the readers of my blog up dated on my progress of meeting these goals throughout the year. I would like to challenge you to do the same by writing down ten short term goals for your life that will help improve not only yourself, but the community you live in.

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2 Responses to Ten Things to Accomplish By Years End

  1. Josiah says:

    The foremost modern authority on the Book of Leviticus, Rabbi Jacob Milgrom, passed away recently. There was an article on yahoo! I did a little digging that led me to this site: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~ecorebbe/id18.html. I thought you might find it of interest.

    • Joe says:


      Thanks for sharing this link with me. I have read over a good portion of it and will finish the rest soon. I do think it’s very interesting though, especially the part where they speak of “both occurrences of the prohibition (Lev 18: 22; 20: 13) contain the phrase “as one lies with a woman” (lit. “lying a woman”), an idiom used only for illicit heterosexual unions.” I never looked at it this way.

      I will have to finish reading it though and I may even have to share my thoughts on here on this topic. Thanks again Josiah for sharing this.

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