Prayers for Gay People

I recently came across these prayers on the Ministry to Lesbian and Gay Catholics website. The Ministry to Lesbian and Gay Catholic is an organization founded by Cardinal Roger Mahony and is based out of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Note: The Ministry to Lesbian and Gay Catholic has been renamed. They are now Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons
. These prayers were published from:

For Lesbian and Gay Catholics

Lord, you are my shepherd, the one who knows my voice, recognizes me, and calls me by my name.
You gather me up, hold me close, and feed me.
You strengthen me when I am weak, heal me when I am sick, and bind up all my wounds.
Lord, you are my shepherd, the one who refreshes my soul, invites me to the table, and welcomes me to dwell in your house.
I am your homosexual child, baptized into your flock, O Lord.
My family and I cry out to you for shepherds here on earth—your church and among ourselves—who like you know us, feed us, care for us, and invite us to your table.


For Parents of Lesbian and Gay Catholics

Thank you, Lord, for each other. Give us support, understanding and appreciation for where we are in our journey. Grant us the serenity to understand the precious ones you have given us and your will for them. Turn the darkness around us into light.

Lord, open the hearts and eyes of the parents who have abandoned their children and bring back those special children who have left your church. Help all our church leaders to show compassion in their ministry.

All loving God, we place all our thoughts and doubts, biases and viewpoints, plans and confusion into your hands. Lead us in your way. In your will is peace.


I personally like both these prayers so I figured I would share them with anyone that comes to my website. I will be posting them in my favorite prayers section.

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15 Responses to Prayers for Gay People

  1. Anna says:

    I love it that you put these on your blog, I am a woman who thought she was the only gay Catholic out there, I am scared at times and don’t know what to say to God, but I know that he loves me, he knew I was ‘me’ before I was born. These prayers give me something to say to the only father I have ever known. x

    • Joe says:

      Thank you Anna for leaving a comment on my blog. I do want you to know you are not the only gay Catholic out there. I have been running this blog for a little over a year now and it seems to me that there are many gay Catholics that feel that they are alone in this world. Just understand you are not alone, there are others out there.

  2. THERESA says:

    Today, I come quite accidentally, (yet with God there are no accidents) to this Page. For ANNA, may I offer support and the Love of the Lord for her. May I express that I am a Catholic woman also with SSA and I live a Celibate and Chaste life for Jesus. I feel quite abandoned most of the time, fitting in pretty much nowhere. With physical disabilities, it totally adds to my alienation. I do need good Christian Friends, and I Bless you who contribute and write for this wonderful Blog Page and for the Prayers. Thank You.

  3. Marc says:

    I just came across this page, and I would like to thank you for having a site like this. It helps to know that there are others who share the same insights and struggles.

  4. Frankie Tennant says:

    hi there, thx 4 your homosexual prayers but where you got those or by yourself composed ?
    but all that sounds good
    ima asian guy and people the world over know that our traditions are strictest and do not accept us tobehomo and that is sick or something dirty , but really i do not care what people think , but im just afraid to be sinful with Jesus Christ , so i think your prayers may little help me to comfort His anger

  5. Subhankar Zac says:

    I was not baptized but I grew up in a catholic environment. I am having a very hard time putting my faith back in God, But If there really is a God, I deserately ask him to fill his Homophobic children with love and mercy.
    I m ready to love you with all my heart, But I need assurance that U will not forsake me.
    Help me to continue our test with confidence and end it with success.
    Blessed be your name forever!
    Help me to put my faith in you.

    • Joe says:


      Thank you for sharing your prayer. I understand how difficult it can be to have faith and live in a world that is can seem so cold. But I have found that within God there is peace. I don’t think God hates people that are gay. I think there are things that He dislikes that gay and straight people alike do. I have tried to focus on what God says we can do, not what He says we can not do.

  6. Loyd says:

    Hi Team,

    I am going through very bad situation. Me and my friend are turned to Gay partners and i really need your prayer to over come this confusion.

    Above prayer really touched my heart. Please keep me in your prayer.


  7. kevin burney says:

    i need pray i am a gay man that just keep hiting the wall please help me lord over come all of this

    • Joe says:

      Kevin, please know you are not alone and not the only one that keeps hitting wall. I am praying for you. God, please bless Kevin and give him the strength he needs and guide him as he goes through life and deals with any struggles he faces.

  8. Brad says:

    I could probably use a prayer.

    I’m so terrified. I live in fear everyday. These feelings I have… I don’t want to go to hell. But I know this is who I am and I can’t change it. I don’t know what to do.
    Please God, someone… help me. I don’t want to live in fear and I don’t want to lose God

  9. Ben says:

    I need your prayers, as I battle bisexuality. I want to live a normal life with a wife and kids, and I struggle every day with these same-sex feelings.

    • ire says:

      can we fight against it together? i am gay and wanna have a celibate life though.. I just feel I need persons whom I can share my struggles with. Hopefully, we’ll win our individual battles through CHRIST. Amen.

  10. matthew says:

    Thank you so much for this prayer. I am 12 and homosexual and I wish to be straight again please send your prayers for me and God Bless!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. ire says:

    I know it’s never too late to change. But I really need help to persons who can understand me.. i’m gay, I’m willing to change yet so weak to temptations.. I wanna be friends to anyone who can encourage me to continue the battle. email me (

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