Ending the Year Right

It has been a few weeks since I lasted posted a blog entry, but I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 is even better for you than 2009. This posting is going to be just to give some updates on things going on in my life. I have been well, but very busy. I did have a good Christmas, even though I missed Christmas Mass. I was planning on going to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, well I guess technically it would have been Christmas day, but they didn’t have it this year. I know my parents used to go to it often, but for some reason this year they did not have it. We do have a new priest, maybe he just did not want to have a midnight Mass. I did make it to Mass on Sunday, which was nice. I did wake up late and ended up having to go to another Church than I normally go too. I ended up at a church on the other side of town, which I have never been to. It was a very nice service and I think I will check out the other Catholic churches in the area. I think there are nine Catholic churches in my city. I am now planning to attend a few other Catholic churches just to see how they are. I now have attended Mass at three churches in my city. I will keep you posted on how this goes.

Other than that, I really have not been up to very much. I am thinking of attending an anxiety group soon. This group focuses on helping people deal with their anxiety. I found out about this in the church bulletin for the church I went to this last Sunday. This group is held in a city about 40 minutes from where I live. This is a long drive, but this group is much cheaper (including gas money) than paying a private psychology to help me with this issue. I figure it will not hurt anything to give this group an attempt to help me with this issue.

The Great Prayer Project – End Abortion is going well. The website is 90% completed and the sign up date for this project begins January 1st. Everything is set up and ready to rock and roll for the sign up phase of this project. I just have a few add-ons that I would like to add to the website prior to the time we have scheduled for praying to begin to end abortion. I do hope that you take the time starting January 1st to stop by this website, sign up for a 20 minute time slot to pray to end abortion.

I have also started work on Gay Catholic Information. I want to focus this website on providing resources and information about how one can live their life as being a gay Catholic. I want to provide information on topics like what the Bible says about being, what the Catholic Church teaches on homosexuality as well as providing examples of how individuals are living a successful life as a gay Catholic. If you have any ideas, suggestions or want to help out with this website, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

Beside those two websites, I have also started work on Only A Part – Gay Catholic Social Network. This is going to be a social networking website for gay Catholic. I think it is long overdue that there is a place for individuals who are gay and Catholic to have a place to meet and interact with others. I feel that it is important to provide a safe place for people to meet others and find friendship and understanding that I feel is something that can be very difficult for someone that is gay and Catholic.

As you can see that I have been very busy lately. I plan on continuing to work on all three of these projects in the upcoming year. If you have any suggestions or comments about any of these projects I am working on, please feel free to contacting me (use the contact page) or by leaving a comment below.

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