My First Magazine Article

I’m excited to announce that I have wrote my first article for an online magazine! Even more exciting is I found out that they actually print the articles as well. The article I wrote had to do with The Pro-Life Prayer Movement – The Great Prayer Project and why it is important to use one’s talents to do good. I am planning on writing several more articles for this magazine and hopefully I will find several others to submit articles to as well.

I article I wrote has been published by Epistle, a gay Christian magazine that is based in New York. The article I wrote is title “A Gay Pro-Life Catholic“. Please check it out and once you have finished reading it, let me know what you think. Come back to this website and leave me a comment. I am always glad to see a comment left on my website. Let me know if you think I should continue writing articles and submitting them to other publications.

A few topics I am thinking of writing about are:

  • Why I thinkĀ  it took Jesus 3 days to raise from death
  • Why the Catholic Church needs to drop their claim that homosexuality is a disorder
  • The importance of gay Catholic support groups and why the Church needs to do more to increase there numbers
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