Life Changing Choices

It has been a while since the last time I have updated this blog. There has been a great deal of changes in my life and it appears there will be many more. At the moment I am having to decide between moving to Seattle or purchase a house in the area I live. I am not really one that likes making decisions, even simple things like where to go for dinner, so this chose that I have to make will be one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in a long time.

This decision really comes down to these two things. Staying in the area I live I will still be employed, I will still be able to focus on growing my web design business, and I will still be close to my family. The problem with staying in the area I live is that I do not have many friends around here. The closet friend I had recently moved out of the country and it doesn’t look like she has any plans to return. So if I stay in the area I currently am in, I have employment, but little social interaction outside of work.

Moving to Seattle, I would end up living with a friend that I have known since I was in kindergarten. This would provide me with social interactions and friendship, which at the moment I am lacking in my life. There are two issues with moving there though. The first is finding employment. I’m not sure how difficult it would be for me to gain employment out there. The second is living conditions. My friend has a big heart and takes in others that he knows that need a place to live. Right now his extra rooms are full, so I would have to share a room with him. Now I do like my friend, but it would be a great change of living from having my own place to having to share a room.

This decision is not going to be an easy one to make. I just keep praying and asking God to lead me in the right direction. When I ask others, it seems to be 50-50 on what I should do. So I believe that the only thing to do is place this decision in God’s hands and listen to his response in my heart.

On a side note, I am considering starting a ministry for gay Christians that are in prison. I have been looking online for organizations that help support gay people in prison and really didn’t find anything. While, I found one or two organizations that focused on gay related issues in prisons of certain states, but not any that focused on directing gay Christians whom are in prison to a closer relationship with God. This will also be a matter I will have to do a lot of praying on. I do feel that this is something that needs to be set up, but I know that if I am the one that is suppose to start such a ministry, it will need to be guided by God in how to set things up and run it.

If you have a free moment, please pray for me that the decision I make about where I will live will be the right one to serve God in the best manner I am able too. Please also pray that God directions me in the right direction about starting this ministry for gay Christians whom are currently locked up in prison.

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3 Responses to Life Changing Choices

  1. Mikey says:

    Hi Joe,

    I know you told me that you have to move soon (in Muskegon or Seattle); the way I see it, is that I pray for you so you’ll be able to either buy a house or move to Seattle.

    In my own life, the way I’m able to discern Jesus call when it’s time to do something, I pray and I know in my soul, like let’s say moving to a new town, if I feel overwhelmed, then I know I shouldn’t move, there’s something wrong with that picture. It doesn’t mean that I can’t move, but I can’t move now. I also have a fear of being poor and sleeping in the street and forgotten by everyone.

    Jesus keep His Word. You’ll know by how easy it is to either buy a house or to move to Seattle. God always send us signs, and you’ll know by how responsive your request is being received locally or in Seattle. It should feel like a fresh new beginning, like it’s “morning again in America” 🙂
    If you feel overwhelmed or if there’s something that keep blocking your plans, then you know that Jesus have something better for you. Jesus always increase our humanity, He complete us as human being, He doesn’t remove nothing from who we are.

    I wish I could help you, but i’m not in Muskegon. But I sure hope that we hang out someday, either in Muskegon or Seattle! 🙂


  2. Kirk says:


    I don’t respond to blogs on a regular basis, however since I live in Washington state and spent childhood in midwest I thought I would repsond. I find living in the Pacific Northwest a great experience in terms of climate, things to do, career opportunities and diversity, and a strong and diverse Catholic presence. You have the Pugent Sound, Pacific ocean, Cascade mountains, Columbia Basin, and the Columbia river (largest river in North or South America that drains into the Pacific). Especially if you live in Seattle area the winters are mild thanks to coastal influence (nothing like those midwest winters I recall).

    Grew up in Ohio and Indiana and family moved to Colorado when I was around 10. Since our family was back there we did spend lot of Christmas and summer vacations back there. So, after 10 basically raised in Colorado, went to Colorado State and graduated. First job I took was based in Idaho and finally ended up in Washington state. Still with first company I started with out of college.

    Anway, thought I put good word in for WA. Don’t know if you were raised in midwest or west and at end of “exercise” what you decide will be based on searching yourself and God’s guidance.

    Best regards, Kirk

    • Joe says:

      Thanks Kirk for the comment. Right now I am 75% sure I will be moving to Seattle. I will make my decision soon. I personally struggle with making decisions and haven’t to make one that has this much effect on my life just isn’t easy for me. But I keep praying for God to give me the strength to live a life that He will be proud of and one that will benefit Him the most. Maybe a move to Seattle will finally allow me to complete some of the websites I have been working on as well as provide me with things I have been lacking in my life as of late. It is hard to know what God has in store for us, but I have learned that if we trust in God, He will lead us in the right direction to go, in my case it just may be moving to Seattle.

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