Gay Catholic Social Networking website

I just wanted to announce that I have been working on Only A Part, the first Gay Catholic Social Networking website. Now, the website still has a lot of work needed to be done to it, but it is currently usable. The idea behind creating a social network for Gay Catholic is to provide a place for like minded individuals to meet and become friends.

For me, I have found that many gay social networking website either focus on porn advertisement or meeting someone for sex. Now, I do know that not everyone on those type of gay social networking website are there to find someone to “hook up” with, I would say a good 65% of the people I have talked to on those type of website are. When it comes to Catholic websites, they seem to be less friendly towards the gay population. I have visited several forums and even participated in a few (see Posting on a Catholic Forum), I felt these places where not very friendly, even for those that are trying to live a chaste lifestyle.

The idea to create a social networking website for Gay Catholics came when I was chatting to a friend that lives in Australia. We thought it would be a great things to start and I am proud to announce that there finally is a Gay Catholic social networking website.

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3 Responses to Gay Catholic Social Networking website

  1. John E. Epler says:

    I need to network work with minneapolis/saint Paul Catholics.

  2. monte says:

    looking for gay christian friends in stpaul mpls mn looking to network and hang out..lonely and looking for friends not into sex.. none ! just friends.. down to earth..honest sincere kind just lost my partner of 15 years.. trying to get back out there

  3. jason rhoads says:

    Heck yea I totally support you making a gay Catholic site. It’s just what I am looking for. NOT looking to “hook up.” I wanna stay chaste all the way. God bless your work. Peace.

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