December Updates

It has been some time since I have updated my blog. With purchasing a house and working 3 jobs, I just haven’t had the time to write anything. I did feel though that updating my blog was something I needed to do, so I am typing this as I am on my way home from Ikea. My parents and I went there to see what they had for our houses and I found some great deals that will help to make my house more comfortable to live in.

Anyways, things have been going all right for me. My website design business has been doing well as of late. Within the last 2 months, I have designed and developed three new websites for clients. I am working on another website for a new client and I am hoping Monday to find out if I will have 2 additional websites to build by the end of the year. I am very grateful to God for allowing all this work to come my way, but it does make it difficult to get things done around my house that needs to be completed. I figure though that making sure I have the money to pay for the bills is a little more important to having a working kitchen sink (right now, I just have hot water due to the cold water dripping big time).

I do think I am going to like living in a house over living in an apartment. I have the ability to paint the walls any color I want and have painted most of them since I took ownership of the house. I am planning to plant a garden in the spring, which is something I was unable to do to in my old apartment. I am also looking forward to getting a grill, even though I really have never grilled anything before.

I am still struggling socially though. I do know this is one reason I over work myself, working in order to avoid the loneliness. I am still having a hard time with dealing with the anxiety I experience when I am around people I do not know. I do not recall if I have spoke of the type of anxiety that I experience when I am in uncomfortable situations. It almost seems to be as if my mind goes blank, thoughts just do not seem to form. I know that I need to go back to the therapy that I was seeing that was helping me deal with this issue. I stopped going to her because she moved to practicing in a different company. She was practicing at Catholic Social Services about 40 minutes from where I lived. Now she is practicing in the same city I live in, so going to her would be more convenient for me. I keep telling myself that I am just too busy to go, but I think the real reason is I am afraid to make that call to the place she is now working at.

I also have been struggling with attending Church. It has been several months since I have attended Mass. Part of the reason was it was very difficult for me to go when I was in between the apartment I had and moving into my house. Now I do not really have a good reason not to go, I just keep telling myself that I am just too busy to go. The good news is where I live is now in walking distance of the Church I attended when I was growing up, which I am hoping will help me get back into the routine of attending Mass again.

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