A good day today

I just want to share with everyone that I made it to Mass today. I do beleive this is the first time this year that I went. I enjoyed it too. We have a new priest at the Church I attend and eventhough I did like the last priest, this new one seems like he is a really nice guy.  I do think he will do an excellent job there.  I don’t know what his name is though, maybe next time I attend Mass I will find out.  I am just glad that I attended today.  I do beleive that attending Mass today had a positive effect on my day. I just had a really good day today.

If you are wondering why I stopped attending Mass to begin with, it had to do with not really wanting to go there alone. I really didn’t like sitting there by myself. But within the last month I just have been having this feeling that I needed to go back. So today, I went and I’m glad I did. I did go alone, but I did feel that God was there, so I guess I wasn’t really there all by myself.

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  1. Rich says:

    Great to hear you enjoyed sitting in on mass; it’s always better to go because you want to, rather than because you feel you’re obligated. And it can be tough when your parish is in the middle of a long fund-raising drive (to builid a new Church in my case). When you’re hit over and over with the message that you’re not giving enough, it can be discouraging from going.

    Also, you should never have to feel alone in Church. It seems (at least in the churches I’ll attend) that there are so many folks sitting by themselves. So – in one respect – you’re not alone at all, but part of a larger group!

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