Websites that are changing the world

Below is a list of website that you can visit to help change the world to a better place. Each site helps donate food, money, ect… to different worth while causes. Please take a moment to visit at least one of them today and make a small change in the world. Combining all the small positive changes we all make will make one large impact on improving this world. If you know of any other sites like these, please let me know so I can use those sites too, as well as share them with anyone that visits this site. I have added 2 banners to the side of my site in hopes that people will see them and take part in ending hunger in the world.

All these sites are free to use. Each site raises money or donates goods through sponsors.

  • SocialVibe – Many different cause to raise money and awareness for.
  • Ripple – Helps to raise money for clean water, food, education, and small loans for people in developing countries.
  • Care2 – Allows you to help raise money for 11 different causes, including helping to find a cure for breast cancer and end violence against women.
  • The Hunger Site – Raises money to end hunger.
  • Help Thirst – Raises money to help provide clean water.
  • Free Poverty – Raises money to help provide clean water.
  • Free Flour – Donates flour to help end hunger.
  • Free Rice – Donates rice to help end hunger.
  • Clinton Foundation – Take the quiz here and $1 will be donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Hope everyone gives atleast 1 of these website a try. Let me know if you were able to donate more than I was on  Free Poverty website. I got enough questions correct to donate 141 cups of water.

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2 Responses to Websites that are changing the world

  1. Mikey says:

    Great idea! I saw it last night, but it was late, but I will surely visit these websites today and make a difference.

  2. Mikey says:

    262 cups of water 😛

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